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Pemberton Heights Market Updates

Welcome to Pemberton Heights & most up to date and comprehensive market updates. Here you will find data and information for all things Pemberton Heights – keeping you in the know.


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Below are links to all of 2019’s market activity for Pemberton Heights. Click on each headline and see the full update to give yourself the most accurate and timely information for your neighborhood. Each report tracks one year of information to detect any trends and give you a quick history on the information.


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Pemberton Heights

Average Days On Market

Average days on market simply tells you the average amount of time that homes in Pemberton Heights have spent on the market prior to selling. However, there are some loop holes in this report as it does not take into account any homes that have come off the market and back on – it does not take into account the accumulative days on market.

Average Price Per Square Foot

Simply put. This is the home size selling price per square foot. If the home was lot value only this figure should not be looked at or taken into account.

Sales to Active Listings Ratio

When the sales to active ratio is above 20% we are in a sellers market. A balanced market falls between 10 to 20 % while a buyers market is when the ratio is below 10%.

Sales Percentage to Asking Price

Are homes selling above asking prices? Below? This shows the latest trends in % sold to asking for Pemberton Heights.

New Listings

This is the amount of new listings coming to Pemberton Heights Each month for the last year.

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